Living Reviews in Relativity

"Coalescence of Black Hole–Neutron Star Binaries"
Masaru Shibata and Keisuke Taniguchi  

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1 Introduction
1.1 Overview of BH-NS binaries
1.2 Tidal problem around a BH: Effects of BH spin and the NS EOS
1.3 Why is the merger of BH-NS binaries important?
1.4 General relativistic study of BH-NS binaries in quasi-equilibrium states
1.5 Non-relativistic simulation for the merger
1.6 Stable mass transfer occurs or not
1.7 General relativistic study of late inspiral and merger
1.8 Outline and notation
2 Quasi-Equilibrium States
2.1 Formulation
2.2 Current parameter space surveyed
2.3 Numerical results
2.4 Endpoint of sequences
2.5 Summary: quasi-equilibrium states
3 Numerical Simulations
3.1 Numerical method
3.2 Current parameter space surveyed
3.3 Merger process
3.4 Properties of the remnant black hole and disk
3.5 Criteria for tidal disruption
3.6 Gravitational waveforms
3.7 The Fourier spectrum of gravitational waves
3.8 Summary and issues for the near future
4 Acknowledgements
A Basic Field Equations
Open References References