Part V
Motion of a Small Body

20 Point-particle limits and matched asymptotic expansions
21 Self-consistent expansion
 21.1 Introduction
 21.2 Field equations in outer expansion
 21.3 Field equations in inner expansion
22 General expansion in the buffer region
 22.1 Metric expansions
 22.2 The form of the expansion
 22.3 First-order solution in the buffer region
 22.4 Second-order solution in the buffer region
 22.5 The equation of motion
 22.6 The effect of a gauge transformation on the force
23 Global solution in the external spacetime
 23.1 Integral representation
 23.2 Metric perturbation in Fermi coordinates
 23.3 Equation of motion
24 Concluding remarks
 24.1 The motion of a point particle
 24.2 The motion of a small body
 24.3 Beyond first order
25 Acknowledgments

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