10 Concluding remarks

Since the inspiring work of Srednicki in 1993 we have come a long way in understanding the entanglement entropy. Of course, the main motivation for this research always was and still is the attempt to consider the Bekenstein–Hawking entropy as an entropy of entanglement. If successful, this approach would give a universal explication for the entropy of black holes, valid for black holes of any size and mass and carrying any charges. Unfortunately, we are not yet at that point. Many important unresolved problems remain. However, after 17 years of continuous progress it would not be too surprising if we were actually not that far from the final answer. Speaking of future developments, I think that further progress could be made in two main directions: understanding entanglement entropy directly in string theory and resolving the puzzle of non-minimal coupling. Hopefully, at some not-so-distant point in time, the efforts made in these directions will provide us with the still missing elements in the picture.

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