2 Entanglement Entropy in Minkowski Spacetime

 2.1 Definition
 2.2 Short-distance correlations
 2.3 Thermal entropy
 2.4 Entropy of a system of finite size at finite temperature
 2.5 Entropy in (1+1)-dimensional spacetime
 2.6 The Euclidean path integral representation and the replica method
 2.7 Uniqueness of analytic continuation
 2.8 Heat kernel and the Sommerfeld formula
 2.9 An explicit calculation
 2.10 Entropy of massive fields
 2.11 An expression in terms of the determinant of the Laplacian on the surface
 2.12 Entropy in theories with a modified propagator
 2.13 Entanglement entropy in non-Lorentz invariant theories
 2.14 Arbitrary surface in curved spacetime: general structure of UV divergences

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