8 Can Entanglement Entropy Explain the Bekenstein–Hawking Entropy of Black Holes?

Entanglement entropy of a black hole is naturally proportional to the area of the black hole horizon. This property makes it very similar to the Bekenstein–Hawking entropy assigned to the horizon. This apparent similarity between the two entropies is the main motivation to raise the question of whether the Bekenstein–Hawking entropy is in fact entirely the entropy of entanglement. In this section we discuss problems, which this interpretation has to face, different approaches to solve them and difficulties, which still remain unsolved.

 8.1 Problems of interpretation of the Bekenstein–Hawking entropy as entanglement entropy
 8.2 Entanglement entropy in induced gravity
 8.3 Entropy in brane-world scenario
 8.4 Gravity cut-off
 8.5 Kaluza–Klein example

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