9 Acknowledgments

We are happy to note and acknowledge the great deal of detailed help and understanding that we have received over the years from Gilberto Silva-Ortigoza, our co-author on many of the earlier papers on the present subject. Many others have contributed to our understanding of asymptotically-flat spacetimes. Prime among them are Roger Penrose, Andrzej Trautman, Jerzy Lewandowski, Pawel Nurowski, Paul Tod, Lionel Mason, Jörg Frauendiener and Helmut Friedrich. We thank them all.

We also want to point out the very early work of Brian Bramson [18], William Hallidy and Malcolm Ludvigsen [30]. Their ideas, though not fully developed, are close to the ideas developed here, and should be viewed as precursors or preliminary formulations of our theory. We apologize for not having noticed them earlier and giving them more credit.

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