8.2 Other choices for physical identification

The question of whether our definition of the complex center of mass is the best possible definition, or even a reasonable one, is not easy to answer. We did try to establish a criteria for choosing such a definition: (i) it should predict already known physical laws or reasonable new laws, (ii) it should have a clear geometric foundation and a logical consistency and (iii) it should agree with special cases, mainly the algebraically-special metrics or analogies with flat-space Maxwell theory. We did try out several other possible choices [42Jump To The Next Citation Point] and found them all failing. This clearly does not rule out others that we did not think of, but at the present our choice appears to be both natural and effective in making contact with physical phenomena. There still remains the mystery of the physical meaning of ℋ-space or why it leads to such reasonable physical results. Possible resolutions appear to lie in the duality between the complex world lines and real but twisting NGCs [8].
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