11 Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful for stimulating conversations about the dark matter problem and MOND over the years, as well as for comments and help from: Garry Angus, Jean-Philippe Bruneton, Martin Feix, Gianfranco Gentile, HongSheng Zhao, Moti Milgrom, Rodrigo Ibata, Pavel Kroupa, Olivier Tiret, Dominique Aubert, Jacob Bekenstein, Olivier Bienaymé, James Binney, Luc Blanchet, Christian Boily, Greg Bothun, Laurent Chemin, Françoise Combes, Jörg Dabringhausen, Erwin de Blok, Gilles Esposito-Farèse, Filippo Fraternali, André Füzfa, Alister Graham, Hosein Haghi, Anaëlle Halle, Xavier Hernandez, Jean Heyvaerts, Alex Ignatiev, Alain Jorissen, Frans Klinkhamer, Joachim Köppen, Rachel Kuzio de Naray, Claudio Llinares, Fabian Lüghausen, João Magueijo, Mario Mateo, Chris Mihos, Ivan Minchev, Mustapha Mouhcine, Carlo Nipoti, Adi Nusser, Marcel Pawlowski, Jan Pflamm-Altenburg, Tom Richtler, Paolo Salucci, Bob Sanders, James Schombert, Ylva Schuberth, Jerry Sellwood, Arnaud Siebert, Christos Siopis, Kristine Spekkens, Rob Swaters, Marc Verheijen, Matt Walker, Joe Wolf, Hervé Wozniak, Xufen Wu, and many others. We also thank Frédéric Bournaud, Chuck Bennett, Douglas Clowe, Andrew Fruchter, Tom Jarrett, and, again, Garry Angus and Olivier Tiret, for allowing us to make use of their figures. We finally thank Clifford Will for inviting us to write this review. We acknowledge the support of the CNRS, the AvH foundation, and the NSF grant AST 0908370, and both acknowledge hospitality at Case Western Reserve University, where a substantial part of this review has been written.

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