5 World Volume Solitons: Applications

There are two natural sets of applications involving brane effective actions: kinematical and dynamical. In this section, I will discuss the application of the general formalism developed in Section 4 to study the existence of certain string theory BPS states realised as world volume supersymmetric bosonic solitons, leaving more AdS/CFT dynamically-oriented applications to Section 6.

The main goals in this section include:

  1. In a Minkowski background, the identification of the vacuum of all the p + 1 dimensional supersymmetric field theories discussed before as half-BPS flat infinite branes, and the discussions of some of their excitations carrying topological charges, which are interpretable as brane intersections or branes within branes.
  2. Supertubes, as examples of supersymmetric bound states realised as expanded branes without carrying charge under the gauge potential, which the world volume brane minimally couples to.
  3. As examples of solitons in curved backgrounds, I will discuss the baryon vertex and giant gravitons in AdS5 × S5.
  4. I will stress the relevance of supertubes and giant gravitons as constituents of small supersymmetric black holes, their connection to fuzzball ideas and the general use of probe techniques to identify black hole constituents in more general situations.

 5.1 Vacuum infinite branes
 5.2 Intersecting M2-branes
 5.3 Intersecting M2 and M5-branes
 5.4 BIons
 5.5 Dyons
 5.6 Branes within branes
  5.6.1 Dp-D(p + 4) systems
  5.6.2 Dp-D(p + 2) systems
  5.6.3 F-Dp systems
 5.7 Supertubes
 5.8 Baryon vertex
 5.9 Giant gravitons and superstars
  5.9.1 Giant gravitons as black-hole constituents
 5.10 Deconstructing black holes

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