2 Interferometry for GW Detectors: Classical Theory

 2.1 Interferometer as a weak force probe
  2.1.1 Light phase as indicator of a weak force
  2.1.2 Michelson interferometer
  2.1.3 Gravitational waves’ interaction with interferometer
 2.2 From incident wave to outgoing light: light transformation in the GW interferometers
  2.2.1 Light propagation
  2.2.2 Modulation of light
  2.2.3 Laser noise
  2.2.4 Light reflection from optical elements
  2.2.5 Light modulation by mirror motion
  2.2.6 Simple example: the reflection of light from a perfect moving mirror
 2.3 Basics of Detection: Heterodyne and homodyne readout techniques
  2.3.1 Homodyne and DC readout
  2.3.2 Heterodyne readout

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