8 Acknowledgements

This review owes its existence to the wholehearted support and sound advice of our colleagues and friends. We would like to express our special thanks to our friends, Yanbei Chen and Haixing Miao for enlightening discussions, helpful suggestions and encouragement we enjoyed in the course of writing this review. Also we are greatly thankful to the referees and to our younger colleagues, Mikhail Korobko and Nikita Voronchev, who went to the trouble of thoroughly reading the manuscript and pointing out many imperfections, typos, and misprints. We greatly acknowledge as well our fellow researchers from LIGO-Virgo Scientific Collaboration for all the invaluable experience and knowledge they shared with us over the years. Especially, we want to say thank you to Gregg Harry, Innocenzo Pinto and Roman Schnabel for consulting with us on literature in the areas of their expertise. And finally, we would like to thank Living Reviews in Relativity and especially Bala Iyer for the rewarding opportunity to prepare this manuscript.

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