3 Varieties of Boson Stars

Quite a number of different flavours of boson stars are present in the literature. They can have charge, a fermionic component, or rotation. They can be constructed with various potentials for the scalar field. The form of gravity which holds them together can even be modified to, say, Newtonian gravity or even no gravity at all (Q-balls). To a certain extent, such modifications are akin to varying the equation of state of a normal, fermionic star. Here we briefly review some of these variations, paying particular attention to recent work.

 3.1 Self-interaction potentials
 3.2 Newtonian boson stars
 3.3 Charged boson stars
 3.4 Oscillatons
 3.5 Rotating boson stars
 3.6 Fermionic-bosonic stars
 3.7 Multi-state boson stars
 3.8 Alternative theories of gravity
 3.9 Gauged boson stars

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