Living Reviews in Relativity

"Binary Neutron Star Mergers"
Joshua A. Faber and Frederic A. Rasio 

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1 Introduction
2 Evolutionary Channels and Population Estimates
3 Stages of a Binary Merger
3.1 Comparison to BH-NS mergers
3.2 Qualitative numerical results
4 Initial Data and Quasi-Equilibrium Results
4.1 Overview
4.2 Quasi-equilibrium formalisms
4.3 Numerical implementations
4.4 Quasi-equilibrium and pre-merger simulations
5 Dynamical Calculations: Numerical Techniques
5.1 Overview: General relativistic (magneto-)hydrodynamics and microphysical treatments
5.2 GR numerical techniques
5.3 Microphysical numerical techniques
5.4 Electromagnetic and neutrino signature modeling
5.5 GW signal modeling
6 Dynamical Calculations
6.1 Quasi-equilibrium and semi-analytic methods vs fully dynamical results
6.2 Early dynamical calculations
6.3 Approximate relativistic schemes
6.4 Full GR calculations
6.5 Simulations including microphysics
6.6 Comparison to BH-NS merger results
7 Summary and Likely Future Directions
8 Acknowledgements
A Field evolution equations
B GR Hydrodynamical and MHD equations
Open References References