Living Reviews in Relativity

"Relativistic Binaries in Globular Clusters"
Matthew J. Benacquista and Jonathan M. B. Downing 

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1 Introduction
2 Globular Clusters
2.1 Stellar populations in globular clusters
2.2 The structure of globular clusters
2.3 The dynamical evolution of globular clusters
3 Observations
3.1 Cataclysmic variables
3.2 Low-mass X-ray binaries
3.3 Millisecond pulsars
3.4 Black holes
3.5 Extragalactic globular clusters
4 Relativistic Binaries
4.1 Binary evolution
4.2 Mass transfer
4.3 Globular cluster processes
5 Dynamical Evolution
5.1 Star cluster simulation methods
5.2 Results from models of globular clusters
5.3 Intermediate-mass black holes
6 Prospects of Gravitational Radiation
7 Summary
8 Acknowledgements
Open References References