Euclid Theory Working Group Editorial Board (2012):

Valeria Pettorino (editor in chief)
Tessa Baker
Stefano Camera
Elisabetta Majerotto
Marisa March
Cinzia Di Porto
Martin Kunz (Euclid Theory Working Group Coordinator)
Luca Amendola (Euclid Theory Working Group Coordinator)

Corresponding authors (2012):

Luca Amendola
Stefano Camera
Cinzia Di Porto
Pedro G. Ferreira
Juan García-Bellido
Thomas D. Kitching
Martin Kunz
Valeria Pettorino
Cristiano Porciani
Roberto Trotta
Licia Verde
Yun Wang

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Euclid document and its content reflects solely the views of the contributing authors.

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