List of acronyms

AGN Active Galactic Nucleus
ALP Axio-Like Particle
BAO Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations
BBKS Bardeen–Bond–Kaiser–Szalay
BOSS Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey
BPol B-Polarization Satellite
BigBOSS Baryon Oscillation Spectroskopic Survey
CAMB Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background
CDE Coupled Dark Energy
CDM Cold Dark Matter
CDMS Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
CL Confidence Level
CMB Cosmic Microwave Background
COMBO-17 Classifying Objects by Medium-Band Observations
COSMOS Cosmological Evolution Survey
CPL Chevallier–Polarski–Linder
CQ Coupled Quintessence
CRESST Cryogenic Rare Event Search with Superconducting Thermometers
DE Dark Energy
DES Dark Energy Survey
DETF Dark Energy Task Force
DGP Dvali–Gabadadze–Porrati
DM Dark Matter
EBI Eddington–Born–Infeld
EDE Early Dark Energy
EROS Expérience pour la Recherche d’Objets Sombres
eROSITA Extended ROentgen Survey with an Imaging Telescope Array
FCDM Fuzzy Cold Dark Matter
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FLRW Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker
FoM Figure of Merit
FoG Fingers of God
GEA Generalized Einstein-Aether
GR General Relativity
HETDEX Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment
ICM Intracluster Medium
IH Inverted Hierarchy
IR Infrared
ISW Integrated Sachs–Wolfe
KL Kullback–Leibler divergence
LCDM Lambda Cold Dark Matter
LHC Large Hadron Collider
LRG Luminous Red Galaxy
LSB Low Surface Brightness
LSS Large Scale Structure
LSST Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
LTB Lemaître–Tolman–Bondi
MACHO MAssive Compact Halo Object
MCMC Markov Chain Monte Carlo
MCP Mini-Charged Particles
MF Mass Function
MG Modified Gravity
MOND MOdified Newtonian Dynamics
MaVaNs Mass Varying Neutrinos
NFW Navarro–Frenk–White
NH Normal Hierarchy
PCA Principal Component Analysis
PDF Probability Distribution Function
PGB Pseudo-Goldstein Boson
PKDGRAV Parallel K-D tree GRAVity code
PPF Parameterized Post-Friedmann
PPN Parameterized Post-Newtonian
PPOD Predictive Posterior Odds Distribution
PSF Point Spread Function
QCD Quantum ChromoDynamics
RDS Redshift Space Distortions
RG Renormalization Group
SD Savage–Dickey
SDSS Sloan Digital Sky Survey
SIDM Self Interacting Dark Matter
SN Supernova
TeVeS Tensor Vector Scalar
UDM Unified Dark Matter
UV Ultra Violett
WDM Warm Dark Matter
WFXT Wide-Field X-Ray Telescope
WIMP Weakly Interacting Massive Particle
WKB Wentzel–Kramers–Brillouin
WL Weak Lensing
WLS Weak Lensing Survey
WMAP Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe
XMM-Newton X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission
vDVZ van Dam–Veltman–Zakharov

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