List of symbols

ca Adiabatic sound speed p. 83
DA (z) Angular diameter distance p. 191View Equation
/∂ Angular spin raising operator p. 177View Equation
Πij Anisotropic stress perturbation tensor p. 52
σ Uncertainty
Bo Bayes factor p. 570View Equation
b Bias (ratio of galaxy to total matter perturbations) p. 193
B Φ(k1,k2,k3) Bispectrum of the Bardeen’s potential p. 544View Equation
g(X ) Born–Infeld kinetic term p. 409View Equation
b Bulleticity p. 363
ζ Comoving curvature perturbation p. 439View Equation
r(z) Comoving distance
ℋ Conformal Hubble parameter, ℋ = aH p. 46
η,τ Conformal time p. 46
κ Convergence p. 176View Equation
t Cosmic time p. 78View Equation
Λ Cosmological constant
Θ Cosmological parameters p. 562View Equation
rc Cross over scale p. 99
□ d’Alembertian, □ = ∇2
F Derivative of f (R ) p. 90
𝜃 Divergence of velocity field p. 54View Equation
μ Direction cosine p. 448View Equation
π Effective anisotropic stress p. 88View Equation
η(a,k ) Effective anisotropic stress parameterization p. 58View Equation
ρ Energy density
Tμν Energy momentum tensor p. 52View Equation
w Equation of state p. 47View Equation
F αβ Fisher information matrix p. 567View Equation
σ8 Fluctuation amplitude at 8 km/s/Mpc
uμ Four-velocity p. 52View Equation
Ωm Fractional matter density
fsky Fraction of sky observed p. 267View Equation
ΔM Gauge invariant comoving density contrast p. 56
τ(z) Generic opacity parameter p. 494
ϖ Gravitational slip parameter p. 61
G (a) Growth function/Growth factor p. 62View Equation
γ Growth index/Shear p. 63View Equation/p. 176View Equation
fg Growth rate p. 57View Equation
beff Halo effective linear bias factor p. 386
h Hubble constant in units of 100 km/s/Mpc
H (z) Hubble parameter
ξi Killing field p. 505View Equation
δ ij Kronecker delta
f(R ) Lagrangian in modified gravity p. 89View Equation
P (μ) l Legendre polynomials p. 196
ℒ (Θ ) Likelihood function p. 562View Equation
β(z ) Linear redshift-space distortion parameter p. 193
D (z) L Luminosity distance p. 493
Q (a,k) Mass screening effect p. 58View Equation
δ m Matter density perturbation
gμν Metric tensor p. 53
μ Modified gravity function: μ = Q∕η p. 60View Equation
C ℓ Multipole power spectrum p. 447
G Newton’s gravitational constant
N Number of e-folds, N = ln a p. 443
P (k) Matter power spectrum
p Pressure
δp Pressure perturbation
χ (z ) Radial, dimensionless comoving distance p. 190View Equation
z Redshift
R Ricci scalar
ϕ Scalar field p. 75
A Scalar potential p. 52View Equation
Ψ, Φ Scalar potentials p. 53
ns Scalar spectral index p. 440View Equation
a Scale factor
fa Scale of Peccei–Quinn symmetry breaking p. 417
ℓ Spherical harmonic multipoles
cs Sound speed p. 286
Σ Total neutrino mass/Inverse covariance matrix/PPN parameter p. 371/p. 562/p. 61View Equation
Hij T Trace-free distortion p. 52
T (k) Transfer function p. 468
Bi Vector shift p. 52
k Wavenumber

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