Part 4
Testing the Basic Cosmological Hypotheses

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Transparency and Etherington Relation
 4.2.1 Violation of photon conservation
 4.2.2 Axion-like particles
 4.2.3 Mini-charged particles
4.3 Beyond homogeneity and isotropy
 4.3.1 Anisotropic models
 4.3.2 Late-time inhomogeneity
 4.3.3 Inhomogeneous models: Large voids
 4.3.4 Inhomogeneous models: Backreaction
4.4 Reconstructing the global curvature at different redshifts
4.5 Speculative avenues: non-standard models of primordial fluctuations
 4.5.1 Probing the quantum origin of primordial fluctuations
 4.5.2 Early-time anisotropy
 4.5.3 Current and future constraints from CMB and LSS on an anisotropic power spectrum

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