List of Tables

Table 1:
Hierarchy of formulations of the equivalence principle.
Table 2:
Leading-order effects of alternative theories of gravity, as represented in the ppE framework [Eq. (52View Equation)]. For GR α = β = 0. This table is copied from [134], except for the two entries labeled with an asterisk. The quadratic curvature ppE exponent given in [134] was b = − 1∕3, coming from the conservative dynamics. However, it was shown in [483] that the dissipative correction is larger, giving the value b = − 7∕3 quoted above. The dynamical Chern–Simons ppE exponent given in [134] was b = 4∕3, which was derived using the slow-rotation metric accurate to linear order in the spin [496]. At quadratic order in the spin [488], the corrections to both conservative and dissipative dynamics occur at lower post-Newtonian order, giving b = 1∕3 [487].
Table 3:
Accuracy with which a LISA observation could determine the multipole moments of a spacetime decreases as more multipoles are included in the model, taken from Ryan [388]. The third column indicates the highest multipole included in the particular model. Results are shown for two typical cases, a 10M ⊙ + 105 M ⊙ inspiral and a 10M ⊙ + 106 M ⊙ inspiral; in both cases the SNR of the inspiral is 10.