2 General Remarks

To start this template and technical style guide on Living Reviews articles with, we would like to point out the following: Please consider that the articles submitted by the authors, which have been accepted for publication in Living Reviews, are being used as both

This has the consequences that although for the HTML version things like text lines, equations, tables or figures exceeding the page boundaries do not matter, they will be detrimental to the appearance of the printable document versions. Thus we ask the authors to also have an eye on these issues. The recommendation to begin each section, and the bibliography with a new page (using \newpage) also stems from this need.

As already mentioned, the converters which produce the HTML code of your article are fragile, e.g. as far as additional LATEX style files are concerned. Therefore please try not to use environments from style files except those which have been proven not to limit the functionality of the converters (like epsf or longtable). Those are explicitly mentioned in the following section.

New macros defined in the header part of the LATEX code have also proven to be a source of problems for the conversion process. While some of them might actually run through the conversion to HTML without problems, others cause the converter to crash without apparent reason. So we ask the authors to try to plug in the macro function at each relevant point in the code rather than defining a macro in the header.

These are the general requirements for the LATEX code of the article and comments on the conversion process. More specific information on possible LATEX environments in your article is summarized in the following sections.

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