9 Cross References

9.1 Citation of Literature

LATEX can generate references to an item in the bibliography like that one:

For further reading we refer to the book by Chandrasekhar [3] published in 1983.

created from the following instructions

…by Chandrasekhar~\cite{chandrasekhar-83} published in 1983.

Two or more references should be grouped like that

…see [1, 5, 4, 10, 8, 12]


…see~\cite{abrahams-94, aei-homepage, friedman-98, thorne-87, stergioulas-98, williams-97}

rather than separated like

…see [2], [6], [7], [9], [11].

using separate commands:

…see~\cite{blandford-97}, \cite{lisa-96}, \cite{rampp-97}, \cite{liege-93}, \cite{wambsganss-90}.

Every reference in the bibliography must be cited explicitely in the article. References which show up only in the bibliography and are not referenced in the text will otherwise be swallowed during the Living Reviews conversion process!

More about the specific Living Reviews bibliography style can be found in the online Living Reviews Style Guidelines. Please have also a look at the sample bibliography files of this template.

9.2 References to Sections, Equations, Tables, and Figures

One can as well refer to a label embedded in an equation, table or figure as well as labels in the text, which refer to the section or subsection they are placed in: See Equation (1View Equation), Table 1 and Figure 1View Image in Section 8.1.

See Equation~(\ref{equation:momentum}),  
Table~\ref{table:fate_of_universe} and  
Figure~\ref{figure:movie} in  

Please avoid references to equations like that (1View Equation - 2View Equation), as we want to generate hyperlinks for every single reference. Instead use this form: (1View Equation, 2View Equation).

We would like the authors to use “catchy” reference labels like


rather than cryptic ones like


This helps the editorial staff if we want to double-check the reference links during the editing and converting process.

9.3 Footnotes

Footnotes are generated like this2:
Footnotes are generated like this\epubtkFootnote{This is a footnote.}:

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