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author: Richer, H. B. and Dotter, A. and Hurley, J. and Anderson, J. and King, I. and Davis, S. and Fahlman, G. G. and Hansen, B. M. S. and Kalirai, J. S. and Paust, N. and Rich, R. M. and Shara, M. M.
title: "Deep Advanced Camera for Surveys Imaging in the Globular Cluster NGC 6397: the Cluster Color-Magnitude Diagram and Luminosity Function"
pages: 2141–2154
archiveprefix: arXiv
year: 2008
eprint: External Link0708.4030
volume: 135
doi: External Link10.1088/0004-6256/135/6/2141
journal: Astron. J.
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Galaxy halos, Globular clusters, Low-mass stars, Brown dwarfs, Luminosity, Mass functions, Population II stars, White dwarfs



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